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Santa Services


Hire Florida’s premier Santa Company for your Corporate Christmas Parties, Fund Raisers and Community Events

We can provide all your Holiday Entertainment from Santa and Mrs. Claus to Holiday Characters, Elves, Children’s DJ’s, Face painters and Much More. No job is to BIG or too small. Santa by Scott delivers the Santa Experience.

We can provide Holiday Entertainment for your Fund Raiser, Company Party or any commercial type event. We offer On-Site Photography and Printing. Christmas Scenes and Santa’s Throne Chair rental. Check out our Holiday Characters and Entertainment page.

Santa Photo CD Package

Santa offers a Photo CD package and 4 by 6 inch On Site Photo Printing see Rates Page! Talk with Santa about any idea’s you may have to help and improve your visit.

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Florida’s Premier Santa Company

We serve Central Florida, Space & Treasure Coast and South Florida.
On Our Service’s Page we list a wide range of tips to make your Home Visit a Precious Memory.
We serve Central Florida, Space & Treasure Coast and South Florida.
On Our Service’s Page we list a wide range of tips to make your Home Visit a Precious Memory.

Santa like to make a Grand Entrance and have a Chair that is placed where there is a GREAT Backdrop for Family Photos.Plan out your Photos ahead of time. Santa can have the Children set around him as he shows his “Book of North Pole Secrets” to the Children.

Santa’s Book has real photos of the N Pole, Reindeer, elves and workshops guaranteed to make even the Adults “Believe”

He loves to answer all the children’s questions and Boy do they have questions. This is a AWESOME Time for Induvial and Family Group Shots. Think if early December Visit about the Children giving Santa their own Wrapping Paper for him to use. Check out Mrs. Claus option of decorating Cookies too, fun for all and Precious Photos.

If Santa gives out Gifts PLEASE make sure each Child has one Gift. Go to OUR RATES Page for options of “Caught in the ACT” Any Various Santa Claus Home Visit Options.
Santa will make all “Believe” and have the “Spirit of Christmas” in their hearts.

Santa can deliver your small gifts if arranged for from the parents. If more presents than can fit in Santa’s Bag (hold’s 3 big Pillows) 40 lbs. PLEASE pre-stage Gifts in the House by tree or have a helper for Santa Claus. PLEASE insure all children have a gift from Santa Claus for him to pass out. Talk with Santa about any idea’s you may have to help and improve your visit.

Santa will be showing the children his “Photo Book of Secrets” of him at the North Pole, in his work shop and with the reindeer and elves. Santa’s Book will even make the Adults “Believe”. Santa can read a story if you wish if you do not have a story book let us know so we make sure He brings a “Good One”

1.  Please give Santa as much information as you can on your young guest so he can interact with them and keep the “Magic Alive” (Names, ages, sex, interest, what they want for Christmas, and favorite gift from Santa last year). Make sure Santa has a cell phone number for the party just in case of emergencies. The minimal number of people aware of the visit the better the surprise.
2.  Give “Santa by Scott” clear directions to the party location and availability to the parking areas nearby, save Santa Claus a parking space.
3.  Santa’s Helper can brings a digital camera or video recorder and it’s a great idea to enjoy the moment and be in the photos and just enjoy your Photo CD/ DVD Package from Santa see Rates Page!
4. If Santa has gifts for the children. I can arrange to pick up gifts outside your home.  Have your gifts ready. I can carry in one bag of presents for children or guests. They should be Clearly Labeled. I suggest a large black marking pen and printing directly on the gift, as tags can easily fall off. Please ensure a gift for each child, every year we end up with a crying child and no gift.
5. Santa likes to enter the party, meet the children, and show them his Book of Christmas Secrets (Photos of the North Pole, Elves and reindeer), Get photos and group photos, then pass out gifts if so desired. If you have a large group of children to see Santa, you should assign someone to be Santa’s helper and coordinate the order of children as they each visit Santa.
6. A large sturdy chair without arms is best for Santa to sit in. A good straight-back dining chair works well.
7. Set the chair in a festive setting, usually near your Christmas tree or other holiday setting. Think of the area as if you were in a photo studio and arranged your ‘props’ and ‘backdrops’. Place a wreath, a few Christmas cards or your children’s drawings on the wall to make a wonderful difference.  Leave room for others to gather around and behind Santa’s chair for group photos.
8. Think about photos with everyone. What about grandma and grandpa?  Take a photo with Santa and Grandma Hugging. Nothing is more fun than having Santa ask “Grandpa if he’s been a good boy!”
9. For the payment due to Santa, place it inside a Christmas card or envelope. It never looks appropriate when someone is seen paying Santa.  So, as Santa is departing, hand him or Mrs. Claus the envelope and say, “Thank you Santa, and here is a Christmas card from all of us.  “Santa by Scott Characters “do accepts tips for  jobs well done.
10. **Santa requires  a retainer to place the event in his books and a signed copy of contract and a  48 hour  confirmation  from the customer  via phone or e mail to confirm the event.
We have a wide variety of other Holiday Characters from the Green Guy himself and the Who Impersonators, Christina Claus (Santa’s Daughter), Christmas Mick and Minnie, Christmas Teddy Bear, Toy Soldiers, Father Christmas, Various Christmas Elves including Buddy and Jovi, Ice Princess and Jack Frost and Polar express Conductor. Ice Queen, Her Sister, Snowman and their reindeer Christmas Minions, Old Time Santa and Our Elegant Santa in White or Gold and Mrs. Claus in Green. We also offer “Grand Father Frost” Ded Moroz and the Russian Snow Maiden Sneorochka and many more!
Meet & Greet package, you will enjoy memories of fun while our character attends your party. Our character will interact with children and guests, give hugs, and pose for individual and group photos.

Cookies With Mrs. Claus

Check out Mrs. Claus option of decorating Cookies too, fun for all and Precious Photos.

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Santa will make all “Believe” and have the “Spirit of Christmas” in their hearts.

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Email: Santa@SantaByScott.com


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