Grinch Shenanigans

Grinch Shenanigans Watch as our favorite Green Guy makes his rounds. From the Green Guy himself and the Who Impersonators, Christina Claus (Santa’s Daughter), Christmas Mick and Minnie, Christmas Teddy Bear, Toy Soldiers, Father Christmas, Various Christmas Elves including Buddy and Jovi, Ice Princess and Jack Frost and Polar express Conductor. Ice Queen, Her [...]

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Caught In The Act

Santa was caught delivering gifts to our Captain Jack impersonator aka Jason’s House on Christmas Eve! Check It Out. Go to OUR RATES Page for options of “Caught in the ACT” Any Various Santa Claus Home Visit Options. Santa will make all “Believe” and have the “Spirit of Christmas” in their hearts. Check Out Our Services [...]

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December Children Birthday Idea’s

Here are a few Idea’s Santa has seen over the years for Children that have Birthday’s in December and you want a Christmas Type Theme 1) Santa Themed Birthday Cakes & Cupcakes 2) Children decorating Cookies and Gingerbread Houses 3) Children making Christmas Snow Globes 4) Children dressed as Christmas Characters and Elves 5) [...]

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