"Santa by Scott"  has grown to include some of Florida's Best Professional Santa & Mrs. Claus teams that are available.

We serve Central Florida, Space & Treasure Coast and South Florida.

We are constantly expanding trying to keep travel cost down. 

Our Santa's and Mrs. Claus  have preformed for Disney, Omni Resort, Orange County, Military Bases and much more.

They are Background Checked and Insured to industry standards

We provide them with the best custom suits available, real leather belts that are becoming of Santa him self.

We Hold Offical Santa Training each season.

They best part of Our Santa's is they all  "Believe"  and have the "Spirit of Christmas"  in their hearts.

Our Santa's are asigned to jobs based on location and best one for the Job. If you wish to request a particular Santa and be assured of getting him 

Call Me and its an additional $50 to guarantee a Specific Santa.


Ask about having Mrs. C, Santa's Elves, Santa Mouse, Christmas Teddy,  Ice Sisters and their Snowman and Reindeer also for your Christmas  Events


Santa School

                    Santa Joe and Mrs. Claus

Four SeasonsSanta Mickey

                          Santa Tom- S. Fla                                                  Santa Ron                                 Santa John




Go to Our Contact Page and fill out an inquirey for a quote and book your 2016 Holiday Gatherings Early


                                                            "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!" 

                         2014 Santa Claus  with  Orange County Mayor and  2015 Santa Jason  with Mayor Teresa  Jacobs



          Santa Joe                                           Santa Dennis and Mrs. Claus

                      Santa Jeff and Elf Annatate

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