Premier Visits with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Christmas Eve or Morning

Once in Lifetime “Santa” Visits

 **”Santa Sneak-a-Peek” Visit**       

$250.00 for 15 minute visit Christmas Eve    


Santa Claus comes to your home, after the children are in bed!  Children are thrilled back into believing, as they see Santa arranging gifts, filling stockings, talking to himself and eating the cookies and drinking milk the children have left. Everyone knows that Santa cannot catch them watching him so they hurry back to bed. Set up your Video camera and camera’s to catch it all.

***Catch Santa in the Act Christmas Eve Visit***     $350.00 for 30 Minute visit Christmas Eve 

For a Once in a lifetime opportunity ONE Family Only each Christmas Eve 

“Catch Santa in the Act”   While the children are asleep, Santa will come in and start placing your presents under the tree.. You can wake the kids and tell them you hear a noise. They can catch me doing my work. I’ll go ahead and give them their “special” present from Santa. This is an event that promises to be remembered all their lives. Set up your Camera’s and video cameras.

****Premier Santa Experience (Limited Availability) **** $700.00 for 45 minute visit


If you want a truly once in a Lifetime Santa and Mrs. Claus Experience this is your package.  Please send Santa your children’s names and ages, current interest, elf on shelf names and details, past Christmas gifts and what they want this year and Mrs. Claus and he will incorporate the details into the visit.  A photographer will come to your home and set up 15 minutes before the visit.   Santa  and Mrs. Claus will make a grand entrance and greet the children by name.  They will show the children his photo book from the North Pole and make all true “Believers”.


Our professional photographer will be capturing photos.  Santa Claus will hand out gifts that you have provided to each child. Santa will also give to each child a solid brass “Believers Bell’ and tell a story about it. High quality photographs of your children with Santa and Mrs. Claus will be taken, including several specific poses guaranteed to be treasured by you for years to come.  Family pictures are also included and all photos will be delivered to you electronically or on a cd.

Before the visits have the children pick the wrapping paper they want Santa to take back to the North Pole for their gifts. Wait till you see the expression on their eyes when they wake up on Christmas to Santa passing out their gifts in this wrapping paper.

This is a limited available Santa Visit which last about 3/4 hour.

*Mrs. Claus Christmas Cookie Decorating with the Children*


Mrs. Claus loves decorating cookies with the children.

You provide 2 dozen already baked cookies and Mrs. C will bring here Basket of Cookie decorating goodies

$300.00 additional to regular Santa Visit with 1 month notice

All right reserved